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We were living the American

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became a nightmare!

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We want to help you and your loved ones LIVE life beyond illness!

Our story captures the devastation and pain chronic illness exacts on the patient and the care-giving spouse. We lost everything but each other. We were torn from our dreams and thrust headlong into a fight for our lives with an illness that wrecked our plans, our finances, and ultimately became a battle for our souls. But we have learned how, not only to survive, but  to have a life beyond illness. Our website, audio clips, books, DVD, and CDs reveal how you and your spouse (and significant others) can turn things around so you can start living again, despite the illness.

I'm Dr. William July, nationally bestselling relationship author. I have written four books on relationships and I'm frequently on national television and radio shows shows discussing relationships and news stories. My wife, Jamey Lacy, is a former athlete, wellness expert, and speaker. We were living the American dream when she was struck with a devastating illness. As we forge our path to healing and recovery, we've discovered vital ways to live our lives beyond illness and we want to help you do the same thing.


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A Husband, A Wife, & An Illness

Living Life Beyond Chronic Illness




Excerpt from the husband's perspective as the care-giving spouse

Excerpt from the wife's perspective as the patient spouse

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REVIEWS: Here's what others are saying about A Husband, A Wife, & An Illness

"One out of two couples will face a tragedy with one of the partners getting ill. This book will be an invaluable gift for those times. Every hospital gift shop should have a copy, every church counsel, and there should be a copy in a safe place in every home. I could not put it down, it was totally captivating." -Mary Jo Rapini, LPC, Psychotherapist (As seen on TLC's Big Medicine)

"Each chapter includes Action Plans, Questions to Consider and Journal Ideas. This book is very validating for patient and caregiver but at the same time it offers real life solutions and even spiritual inspiration. It is written with a deep sense of Love, compassion and hope."  -Marjorie Tietjen,



"...thank you for publishing these truths that no one really believes. It hit home for me in every chapter. I ordered the book so that I can carry out the action plans. I also ordered your DVD to watch with my wife, our experiences with illness are so similar to what you shared...please keep up the good work, may God continue to bless you two."  - Roosevelt Bagby


"I am moved to tears of joy to finally see something written for couples facing illness. There is so little in the media to teach us how to live with illness and nothing to stop the 80% divorce rate for couples going through this ordeal. I have read your book over and over again because it offers so much practical and spiritual help...I can now throw out 99% of my other books about chronic illness, because your book covers every point I need! I am sure that your experience and inspiring advice will be a blessing to many." - Sheila W. (lupus survivor)

"Your book is wonderful...having the perspective of both of you, the practical tips mixed in with the very moving narrative of your lives in God, and the clarity of your writing, are just some of the aspects of the book that I give thanks for.  May God bless your ministry richly!"  - Reverend Kit Wallingford



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