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As I find good information, I'll post it for us all to share. Please return frequently.

WEBSITES  A unique website offering information to couples preparing for a marriage that will involve living with an illness. The site features articles, discussion boards, and links to other resources.

Chronic Illness & Depression  Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse can often accompany chronic illness. Here are some statistics on the prevalence. Seek help if you need it.

Rest Ministries  A comprehensive source for information on living well with chronic illness. Site includes articles, books, podcasts, and many links. The site has a Christian perspective but anyone can benefit from the abundance of information. Many people suffer from an illness or disease that doesn't manifest with a lot of external symptoms. As a result, they have a uniquely challenging experience. This website features advocacy, support, and information for individuals with "invisible disabilities".

(Legal) Legal issues often become important matters for patients experiencing chronic illness or disabilities. This website provides information about the rights of patients.

Mary Jo Rapini, LPC provides psychotherapy with knowledge of the special issues facing couples and individuals with illness. She is a well known author and speaker and appears regularly on TLC's "Big Medicine" television show. The Wellspouse Association is an innovative organization providing support for spousal caregivers including support groups, events, and publications.

Fibromyalgia Association of Houston  This is an organization of dedicated and caring people who share information and mutual support to help ease the pain of life with fibromyalgia.

Krist Samaritan Center for Counseling & Education This organization features the services of highly trained counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists available to help you with the challenges presented by life involving illness and other issues you may face. Some fees are available on a sliding scale basis.This is where you can schedule an appointment with Dr. William July.

City of Houston Multi-Service Centers These centers provide a variety of community related services that may be of benefit to you. For example, the Montrose Multi-Service Center has a  swimming pool equipped for water therapy available. If your condition necessitates a bone marrow transplant, perhaps this organization can help you. Or, perhaps someone you know may want to donate bone marrow to help save lives. The site also has information on umbilical cord blood transplants.

Let' Kathleen Lewis, RN,MS,CMP,LPC is an author, speaker, & psychotherapist offering a website with many tools to help people living with chronic illness.


Afffects of chronic illness on the family Chronic illness doesn't just strike the patient, the entire family is affected in many ways. This article by the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, focuses on the psychological affects.

"Caring for the Caregiver" AARP, Nov/Dec, 2007

"With Love & Without Guilt (AARP Seguntajuventad - bilingual) It's okay for caregivers to admit they are tired. This article focuses on reasons this admission is an important step in taking care of the caregiver.


Life Interrupted, It's Not All About Me by Chris Tatevosian - Tatvevosian's book Life Interrupted: It's Not All About Meis a candid and humble memoir about one young man's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and how his self-pity cost him his marriage. Tatevosian hopes others might learn from his mistakes to communicate more effectively and not allow disability and low self-worth to destroy relationships. Chis also writes about his faith in God, and his new wife, Jane, whom he married in April of 2007.


dLife - national television show with tips and information for living with diabetes.

Health Corner - (national) show featuring general health topics, advice, and information. Airs on the Lifetime network.


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