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Dr. William July has a special interest in relationships and personality psychology. He is the author of several books on relationships published by Doubleday, including a national bestseller. For titles, visit William regularly appears on CNN, the Fox News Channel, and other news networks providing insights on current issues. Also, he is the regularly featured relationship and personal coach for the Great Day Houston Show on KHOU (CBS). He writes a column for Our Texas magazine and has also been a columnist for Essence magazine.

Dr. July is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Personality & Social Psychology, and the International Association for Relationship Research. In addition to his media work he has authored a chapter on personality psychology for a textbook published by Pearson, a leading academic publisher.


Jamey Lacy-July is a certified fitness specialist, former competitive athlete, and former fitness model. She established Houstonís first full-scale personal training and physical rehabilitation center. Jamey has frequently appeared on television and has been featured in magazines such as SHAPE and Muscle & Fitness. She has authored numerous articles and lectured nationally on topics of physical and spiritual wellness for organizations such as The Institute of Medicine and The Women's Sports Foundation. Jamey is the subject of a t.v. interview that won Best Sports Story by the Associated Press.

As a consumer advocate Jamey has lobbied Congress to promote legislation for safer health issues for Americans. In A Husband, A Wife, & An Illness, Jamey's voice reveals the irony and raw nature of her plight with a ravaging illness, while also offering helpful insights for surviving the critical phases of chronic diseases. 

Photo of Jamey during early stage of illness, before onset of most severe symptoms.